Covid-19 update July 2020

As with everyone in the country we have been affected by the impact of Covid-19 on our lives. So firstly, thank you for coming to Islay and welcome!

Islay has been isolated during the pandemic with travel to the island restricted by the government to residents and key workers. Many Ileachs are justifiably worried about the reintroduction of tourists and visitors to the island – please be cognisant of this in your interactions with people, both residents and visitors.

Government guidance

We would ask that you follow all Scottish government guidance that is place at the time of your stay in particular:

  •   Guidance on hand washing and cleanliness;
  •   Advice on the maximum number of households that can be together in an indoor setting;
  •   Current guidelines on social distancing.Full guidance is available on the Scottish Government website:

    Your wellbeing

    We would respectively ask if you or any or your party have or suspect you have Covid- 19 you should:

  •   inform us;
  •   immediately self-isolate where you are to minimise any risk of transmission;
  •   follow government guidance for suspected infection;
  •   return home if they reasonably can.House turnover

    Turnover days are typically a Saturday and the house will be cleaned prior to your entry.

    We have increased the cleaning protocols between guests and have introduced additional cleaning of surfaces, fittings and kitchenware. We will provide additional antibacterial wipes, spray and hand sanitizer for your use while in our holiday accommodation.

Important information regarding linen: To maintain the safety of our cleaner we have made the decision that they will not handle any linen or towels. Therefore, we kindly ask you provide your own bed linen and towels (including tea towels). Just a reminder there is 1 King size, 1 double and 2 single beds.

We do appreciate you are on holiday but in these difficult times we would ask that you help us to maintain the house to high standard of cleanliness to benefit both yourself and others.

Please note there may have been guests in the house within 72 hours of your entry.

A final few words

Islay is a magical place that we hope you will enjoy and love as much as we do. We have many guests that have missed out this year and are keen to keep our property open for them and yourself in the future. We are all affected by Covid-19 and must work together to help each other.

Be courteous and conscious of peoples concerns – let us know of any issues or suggestions – but overall enjoy Islay and your holiday!


Lynne & Alec